The XBox One and Done

Well the big reveal was yesterday for the XBox One. From the looks of the summary that can found here on IGN, I’m looking elsewhere for a console (unless PS4 screws the pooch).

I’m a casual gamer. I buy maybe 10 games a year. Right now there are two games I’m planning on getting during their launch week, GTA V and Batman Arkham Origins. Most games I get are either used or games that have been out awhile and are therefore cheaper. I can honestly say, that Microsoft has lost my interest in buying their new console.

I praised them a few weeks back for apparently stepping back from their always online deal. If you look at the summary, it doesn’t have to be always online. However, it does need to check in every 24 hours. So if you want to use it, guess what, you always have to have access to an internet connection. Meaning all you military members overseas where you don’t have constant access, you can’t play with this.

Looks like used games and rental games are going to head the way of the dinosaur as well. Based on the summary, just because you have the disc, means nothing. You will have to have a license to play any game on your console. What this means, if you go to Gamestop and buy a used game, you also will have to plunk down money on a license once you get it home. I’d be willing to bet, those licenses aren’t going to come cheap either. This license thing also means borrowing a game from a friend is out of the question as well.

This is all sounding so lovely isn’t it, but wait there’s more.

All those games you bought on the Xbox Live Arcade, they will be gone too. No backwards compatibility on games for Xbox 360 either. You’ll always have to have your Kinect attached. Every game will have to be installed on your hard drive (500GB hard drive comes with it, however no idea on how much you’ll actually be able to use).

Overall, for a casual gamer like myself, this console and the headaches that seem to be coming with it, is just not worth it. This console seems like a giant attempt to nickel and dime the consumer to death for everything little thing.

I can’t say how this news will affect hard core gamers, but for this casual gamer it’s very disappointing. I’ll be keeping an eye on the PS4 details as they become available. If they start to mimic Microsoft’s ideas, I guess this casual gamer will end up not being a gamer at all.


Originally published May 22, 2013