Wil Wheaton on Nerds

If you haven’t seen the video above, take a look at it. Trust me, it’s worth it especially for all the nerds out there. I don’t care if you’re a fan of his or not, that’s some pretty cool stuff he’s saying.

I remember Wil Wheaton of course from Star Trek: The Next Generation playing Wesley Crusher (say what you want about him, he got to kiss Ashley Judd). He was about the same age I was at the time, well technically we’re still about the same age. I will say I didn’t share into the hatred of his character at the time, and even after rewatching many times since, I still don’t. Yes, there were some flaws to the character, due to writing not the actor. I always felt Wesley was a stand in for the viewer. While eventually he became a member of Star Fleet, for most of his time he was more a civilian on the show. Having that type of character on the show gave us a unique perspective in my opinion.

It was until a few years ago after he did a guest appearance on the Big Bang Theory, that I looked him up and found he had a regular blog, had written a handful of books and (drum roll please) was quite the humorist. I ended up reading all I could by him and became more and more a fan of his. If you’re a fan of Star Trek TNG, his book Memories of the Future is a must have. Still hoping there will be more of those. I love the behind the scenes stories, although I think he’s a bit hard on himself in them.

Anyway, this was actually gonna be me commenting on the video above. After rewatching it, I realize there’s nothing I can add to it. He has pretty much covered that topic as eloquently as anyone could.


Originally published May 1, 2013