Disney & Star Wars

The biggest news to hit Star Wars since, well since the original trilogy came out occurred within the last week. Disney now owns Star Wars. Now after the initial OMFG reaction, minor tantrum and general depression over this dramatic turn of events, I’ve had time to really think about this and now I’m not so upset.

Let me start by saying that I’m an old school Star Wars fan. I saw A New Hope when it came out in theaters back in 1977. I’ve seen all the movies and all of them bring out that inner kid in me when I see them. Every time I hear the 20th Century Fox fanfare just before the John Williams theme kicks in I get goosebumps, even watching on DVD.

I’m also one of those fans who was disappointed by the prequel trilogy. I never felt they had that same spark as the original trilogy. It’s not something I’ve been able to put my finger on totally but it’s just my opinion. I don’t feel that Lucas killed my childhood by making them (now constantly tinkering with the originals is a different story…Han shot first dammit).

Now with the sale to Disney and announcement of new movies, Lucas is still supposed to be a creative consultant on the new movies, I wait to totally pass judgement until they come out. But some could say this sale could be “A New Hope” for Star Wars.

The majority out there would agree that Disney’s purchase of Marvel hasn’t been the train wreck that was initially imagined. In fact it has ended up bringing some of the best super hero movies to the big screen in all time, this coming from a huge Batman fan. Disney kept Mickey outta Marvel, they’ll do the same with Star Wars. I’m even more happy that they said the new movies would be original stories, not remakes or reboots. Think about how good the next Star Wars trilogy has the potential to be with the company behind The Avengers in charge.

Now there’s going to be a ton of speculation and rumors flying around about the plot, characters, directors, actors etc. etc. about this new movie. Let’s take it in stride until definite news comes out. The only thing I’m really wanting is an announcement saying that John Williams is already under contract to do the music.

I will add one last thing for consideration and maybe with enough fan support it could happen. Disney is a huge company and let’s face it they like money. They spend a crap ton of it to acquire Star Wars. One major way to recoup some of that and give a ton of good will to Star Wars fans who’ve been begging and begging, release on Blu-ray the actual theatrical cuts of the original trilogy. Lucas has tinkered with Star Wars enough and while it is his right to “improve” it as he sees fit, enough is enough. I want to be able in my living room to watch the original Star Wars as I saw it in the movie theater. Let’s let Disney know this is what we want. Imagine how happy they would make older Star Wars fans like myself to finally put the whole “Han shot first” controversy to rest once and for all.

So, until next time….


Originally posted November 6, 2012