Grand Theft Auto Series

Likely this is going up a bit before I usually put something new up, but due to the fact that the GTA V trailer is coming out today, I decided to post.

My buddy Nerdicus in his article talked about the OMFG moments he’s had with gaming over the years. I’ve had a few as well, riding in a thunderstorm in Red Dead Redemption the first time, gliding over the streets of Arkham City, and the first time I stole a car in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and heard the 80’s music coming from the radio. I’m old remember, so 80’s music is nostalgic for me even back then.

I’ve been playing the GTA series since the Playstation when it was just a 2D game. Overall I admit it wasn’t overly impressive, but it was new. The ability to, rather than play a hero, you played the criminal (or at least as criminal as you wanted to be) was mind blowing for me. I had so much fun just running around, stealing cars, running over people and shooting the landscape up.

Now I admit, I missed GTA III, don’t know how but I did. So my next foray in this series was Vice City. The graphics were incredible, the music was flat out awesome and the overall story was entertaining. The world was immersive, I don’t know how many times I just drove around the city between missions just looking at all the little things in that world. Add to that the ability to drive through the mall like they did in Blues Brothers and how could you go wrong.

San Andreas came and blew that all away. The world was so much larger to explore. The music, Rockstar has always done a great job with the music, was once again awesome. The story was compelling to play through. My only problem with it was the stupid missions where you learned to fly and stuff. That was a waste of time and came very close to me not finishing the game. But, finish I did. Once again Rockstar created a world that was immersive, fun to just simply explore and destroy.

GTA IV, oh how I do love this one though. Even bigger world, let’s face it Rockstar has perfected open world gaming. Story may not have been up there like the rest, but gameplay was so much improved on its predecessors that I could overlook that. But once again Rockstar made it with the details of the world.

I did eventually play GTA III, but it came so long after its release that it was hard to be as impressed with it as I would have been when it first came out. Although it was a good game, by the time I played it had been outdone by the rest.

So yes, I’m looking forward to GTA V, can’t help it. How can you not look forward to a game that has an open world that could hold the old San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption maps and still be bigger. I believe, although with some trepidation, that this ability you’ll have of playing as three different characters will be an interesting addition to the GTA franchise. I also can’t wait to start finding out what music is going to make this game. Most people love to hear what cars and other modes of transport will be there, for me the music makes the GTA franchise for me.
Rockstar has always pushed the envelope with their open worlds, attention to detail, love of music and stories. I’m looking forward to viewing the trailer later today and will either update later today or tomorrow my feelings on it.

So, until next time…..


After watching the trailer this morning, I’m even more excited for the GTA V. The game looks incredible. All three characters seem like they will be fun to play in different ways. All seem to have different personalities that will keep things interesting. It will be very interesting to find out how they intertwine the three main characters together in this game. I’ll be counting down the days till this game comes out next spring.


Originally posted November 14, 2012