Looking Forward to Black Thursday

Ok, I know this isn’t the usual stuff that is written about here, but it is a holiday week so that makes it alright. I also want you to remember that there is a lot of tongue in cheek and sarcasm in this one, so you’ve been warned.

To start with I will not be one the many people who will be out shopping on Thanksgiving evening, I believe this is a day for family and friends rather than getting a bargain. I do however look forward to the potential entertainment value that could exist by having this shopping season start so early in the evening.

Entertainment, how could this be entertaining you might be asking yourself. Well let me explain. I’m a news junkie, I hit all the main networks and all the other sites where I can get news and information. Now on Black Friday, by the time I usually wake up, there’s several news stories about all the Christmas Spirit (you know, tramplings, injuries, robberies..etc. etc.) that could be found on Black Friday’s early morning hours. The one thing I’ve not really been able to do is catch real good, real time news reports of this. Generally I only get to see the aftermath and interviews. Enjoyable for a little while, but it does lack something.

Now with this shopping season starting during prime time TV on Thanksgiving, we have so much more potential for strong video footage. Think about it, Thanksgiving is a slow news day in general so I’m betting most local TV outlets will be sending reporters and cameramen down to the local retail outlets that are opening so early in the evening. I figure if there is a major outbreak of Christmas Spirit, we could have an interruption of regular programming. If worse comes to worse, I’m sure Christmas Spirit will break out someplace and end up on the 11 O’clock news, heck with it being slow I’m sure one of the major News Channels will pick up the story and likely broadcast live events as they happen.

I wonder what effect such an outbreak, so early in the evening could have on sales the rest of the night and into the morning. All these places stagger their items to be on sale at certain times, so there will be quite a lot of people who will wait for the more traditional time to go shopping who might see these on the evening news and decide they don’t want to head into that nightmare.

Granted I’m talking worst case scenarios, although every year for the past several years we’ve heard of the things that happen on Black Friday. Do we really need that kind of thing on Thanksgiving?

In all seriousness folks, please exercise patience if you’re gonna go out and shop Thursday and Friday. There is not one damn thing in those stores that is worth getting injured over. Also remember that the sale you see for those days, most likely will be repeated later in the season.

As for me, I’m going to be sitting on the couch watching the news with the big bowl of popcorn and waiting for the special news bulletin interruption. Yes that was sarcasm.

So, until next time….


Originally posted November 20, 2012