My Google+ vs. Facebook

Hi, I’m Mr. Shock and I’m a Facebook addict. Of course so are a lot of people so I don’t feel so bad. However I’m trying to kick that addiction with a new one… Google.

I was an early adopter of Facebook, according to the Timeline I joined Facebook in 2006. If memory serves that was back when it was a bit harder to get a Facebook account. Once again according to Timeline I didn’t do any serious posting until almost 3 years later, after it opened up and more of my friends were on there. Since then I’ve been pretty regular on Facebook, making the occasional post, uploading pictures and things like that. I’ve not been one of those that has posted every five minutes about what they were doing and who they were doing it with. But even then, I didn’t have much of a problem with Facebook.

What did start getting to me was when Facebook would make subtle changes to things that affected privacy and then the user would have to search through and figure out how to fix it. It got old, rather than giving you the option of changing your settings with a new thing, they just changed them for you and expected you to trudge through and figure out how to do it yourself. Once again, I waded through the muck and stayed put, despite several instances of this.

I will say the shift to Timeline didn’t bother me all that much. Really, who spends much of their time there overall. Mostly you just look at the news feed or do your updates through your mobile device and that’s it. So to heck with Timeline. But, then came sponsered ads, oh my if a friend of yours liked a page that sponsered an ad, well you suddenly were aware of it. So now ads started showing up in my news feed. Then recommendations of pages I might like, etc. It’s almost become as annoying as game updates.

Then it happened. The thing that has made me aware of my addiction and my need to end it. Personal Sponsered Posts. Really…did we really need this. Now anyone can spend some money and have their status update displayed prominently on their friends’ news feeds. I’m sure we all know some self-centered people who would likely give this a whirl. Facebook has gone from being a place where you could keep up with friends and family to a veritable smorgasbord of advertisements and useless information.

So, slowly I’m moving myself to Google. The good part is that it is easy. Most of you have gmail accounts, well guess what….that means you also have a Google+ profile waiting to be filled and loads of other Google goodies as well.

I will admit, getting used to the layout of Google+ will take some getting used to, however the benefits far outweigh the looks. The privacy settings are so much easier to deal with. You don’t have to plough through several dozen pages to click that one box to change one privacy setting.

Friends are a lot easier to deal with as well. You have circles which you group people into, you want one circle to see a post and not others, you can easily do that. It’s not much different from Facebook lists (acts pretty much the same way).

There’s also no asking to be friends, you can simply follow someone or put someone in your friends circle. You are notified and can reciprocate or block them or just put them into a lower circle where they won’t see every update you do, but can see some if you want.

Google+ does everything that Facebook does and does it just as well. If you have a newer Android phone you already have the apps there. It’s as simple to upload your pictures, status updates and check-ins as it was on Facebook.

The biggest thing, less ads. Slowly and surely more “pages” are being created so you can still follow your favorite celebrities and other likes. It’s just a matter of time before all those pages you currently like on Facebook have their own Google+ page as well.

Of course if you’re going to do this, get Google Chrome as your browser of choice as well it will help sync all your web browsing, bookmarks, passwords and such.

That is all for now, I’m going to go start packing more things for the move. Now where’s that duct tape.

So until next time…..

Originally published November 2, 2012