Say it ain’t so…No PC for GTA V

During the week of the trailer release for Grand Theft Auto V a couple weeks ago, I must’ve missed something. They aren’t releasing this on PC. Dafuq you say, no…I’m serious. There isn’t a planned PC version of the game, as of yet.

Now I admit, I’m not a big PC gamer. I don’t have a grand gaming computer so it’s harder for me to want to play on it. Generally the games I do end up getting for the computer are older that end up playing well on my machine. So I stick to consoles.

However I have gotten some of the older GTAs for PC as I have upgraded. Modders keep these old games fresh and alive in a way that the big publishers just can’t. I’ve had some great fun, despite playing on console and finishing the story of these GTAs, just driving around after using mod. Getting a hold of the General Lee, K.I.T.T from Knight Rider and even Batmobiles. I mean come on, it’s great fun riding around in those well known vehicles. And the beauty of it, those mods were free and pretty easy to install. You don’t have to be a genius to install a mod, hell if I can do it…

Now while in general I don’t go for online petitions, I am going to post the link to one here. Do I think it will make a difference, well it might. Rockstar has seemed to pay attention to it’s fans, so this could wake them up.

Now to see what I’ve been talking about when it comes to the modding, go out and find a copy of GTA IV for the PC. Then head here and check out the stuff that’s available. For one thing you’ll be blown away by the talent and tenacity that these modders have shown to build things for the games and they do it for the love of the game, not for money.

And if you fine folks could do me a favor, let me know where you find a copy of GTA IV for PC. I unfortunately haven’t picked that one up yet (and still not sure if it’ll run on my PC either). Last one I had hold of was San Andreas. I so want to ride around in the General Lee.

So, until next time….


Originally posted November 27, 2012