The New British Invasion: BBC America

Since I got digital cable, I’ve ended up spending more time watching BBC America than any other network I have access to. The Brits have given me hope and proof that there is good TV still out there and still to be made. Besides, quite a few shows that are on the major networks over here are just remakes of British shows, and not well made remakes either.

If you have BBC America available, by all means give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. It might take a bit to get the hang of their humor and their use of the english language, but it is well worth the effort. You’ll end up seeing shows that will likely be on American networks a couple years down the road and you can tell your friends that the original is so much better.
I’m not one to write reviews very much, so I’m considering this more a homage to BBC America than a review.

Back in November of last year I had the pleasure to upgrade to digital cable. It gave me access to lots of channels, most of which I haven’t a clue as to what is on them, but BBC America happened to be there.

Now I’m a big fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay and I noticed in the program guide they played repeats of Kitchen Nightmares (the British ones not just the American ones) so I started watching those. Top Gear came next and ended up thoroughly entertaining me. I’m not even a car guy and those three on there still kept me entertained.

Then I started looking at BBC America On Demand. Loads of other shows were there. I started playing them. I’ve ended up becoming a huge fan of Whitechapel, Bedlam, The Fades (although I have found out it got cancelled) and now Doctor Who.

They added some original programming this year with Copper, a cop show set in New York during the Civil War years and coming soon is Ripper Street which looks awesome.

Before I get blasted about good shows are still being made in America, you are right. I watch a lot of what is on USA Network, FX, CBS, etc. etc. But sterling pound for sterling pound, BBC America has a lineup of shows that could keep one entertained for quite some time.

Gotta run, got an episode of the Doctor I’m gonna watch and I have to get my fish sticks and custard.

So, until next time….


Originally posted November 13, 2012