Warning on Warnings

As I was perusing my Facebook page this morning I happened to see a picture posted about a recall of Gerber Baby Food. The weird thing is, I remembered seeing this picture some months ago. But being an uncle to a one year old, I had some concern. After a quick search on snopes.com and reading this article http://www.snopes.com/food/warnings/babyfood.asp I learned the truth about this warning. Even a quick search on Google quickly gave me results that showed this warning was no longer valid. Just a little more reading showed it had never been valid in the U.S.

Now I’m all for helping others, giving someone a heads up on things, but when you share a warning that’s past its prime or never really existed in the first place you’re doing the opposite of what you intended. You start becoming like the boy who cried wolf and when you actually have something important to say you will end up not being listened to.

So before you go posting that warning, or sharing a warning you see on Facebook, give it a quick search on Snopes.com or on Google. If nothing else you’ll be surprised by your results when you do, I’ve found the great majority of the warnings I see on Facebook over things end up being nothing at all.

So, until next time….


Originally posted November 16, 2012