A Small Change

If you’ve read my about page, I mention how Mr. Shock’s World came about after having started Carpe Noctem.

Carpe turned one year old this past week. It has been pretty stagnant for the last few months. Yes, it has been updated pretty regularly, but it needs more than that.

I have made the decision that for the next couple of months, Carpe will be my main focus. I want to try to bring it back to the collaborative effort it was supposed to be. If it can’t be done, then likely there will be a major change with that blog at the first of the year.

So depending on how things go, we’ll just have to wait and see. In the mean time I’ve included a RSS feed here linked to Carpe so you can go check things out over there as new posts get added.

I thank you for patience and hope you’ll take a look at Carpe.