Batman: Arkham Origins Story Review

Well, I finished the story mode of Batman: Arkham Origins yesterday, after (and I’m estimating) 24 hours of game play. That’s including redoing sections after death and things like that. By comparison, GTA V took me closer to 60 or 70 hours to get through the main stories. So I was a bit let down when the story ended as quick as it did. I still have a bunch of side missions to do, and since that is still fun to me, I’m doing them. So once I get that done I’ll let you know.

On the whole, other than one fairly major shock near the end the story was pretty predictable. It was good for a Batman story, but there was some things that didn’t overly make sense.

First off, Bane. I love the character and have since he was introduced in the comics. Since then though, he’s been pretty much a throw in character to any story. This has had the detrimental effect of making him nothing more than a normal rogues gallery member that isn’t all that threatening anymore. He’s become nothing more than muscle that is meant to be a threat, but just isn’t anymore.

There’s another problem with using Bane here as well, he didn’t come around in the comics until much later in Batman’s career. He wasn’t one of the initial threats. This story supposedly takes place very early in his career, Bane has no business here. There are plenty of rogues gallery members to have been used instead of Bane. But once again, they needed and wanted the threat that Bane posed to Batman in the comics to happen here. So, to all the writers of any future Batman games, Bane has now officially lost his ability to scare. Stop wasting him by using him in ways that don’t make sense. You know what, what you’ve pulled my leg and I’m going to write post on better ways to use Bane.

My second problem was with the Joker, not his voice but with his look. He actually looked older than he has in the previous games. Once again he’s starting his career out and he looks much more worn that he should. All the other characters were quite believably aged backward, why not him.

As I stated in my initial review, I mentioned how the game was pretty much a button masher. My opinion hasn’t changed. There was very cool things added, like the detective modes, that really helped make the game. But for the most past it was all, beat ‘em up style of play.

I have to say that I’ve not written many game reviews but I have to actually drop Batman: Arkham Origins down a notch to a 6.5. This once again could change as I’m going through side missions now. If things improve in that area, then I’ll raise the score again.

So, until next time…


Originally published November 5, 2013