Batman: Arkham Origins Initial Impressions

Before I get started I have to make a quick mention that yesterday was our one year anniversary here at Carpe Noctem. Our first post went up on October 27, 2012 and a couple of weeks ago we reached the 100 post mark. Lots of good things happening here and am looking forward to some new things happening soon enough.

One other thing, I have finished the story of GTA V and will add my opinion of that here soon enough. Likely after the first of next month. I do have quite a lot to say about it so I hope you’ll come and take a look.

Now, onto Batman: Arkham Origins. I just started playing the game yesterday afternoon and played for a good four hours. I’ve managed to best two assassins so far and have made it to the GCPD. I won’t go into too many details about the story as I don’t wish to give spoilers. So far my impressions are very good.

Stepping back into Batman’s cape and cowl was pretty easy. For those who were worried about the change of studios, there was no need. The game has the look, feel and gameplay of it’s previous incarnations. The game controls are the same as they were in the first two. I found myself hitting buttons to do things before the little hints came up to tell me what to do. The story up to this point has been solid as well.

I do however have a few problems. I said before how the overall gameplay was the same as the previous two games. Well, that is a small problem because it’s really like the two previous games. On the whole of it, Origins is a button masher. There’s a few new features to the game, but they don’t add much to the gameplay. Origins is basically Arkham City with a new story and some new characters. I think for the next game they do, they need to look at GTA V and other games where there can be more than one way to do things. **Spoiler** One of the assassin duels was nothing more than a press the Y button when the game told you to, and that was the only way to defeat him.**Spoiler Over** Batman is and always has been more than a brawler, he should be portrayed as such. I will also say that those types of things really take you out of the game.

One other issue I have is the “lack of map help”. I spent a bit of time totally lost when looking for the Penguin. I also seem to remember getting pretty lost when looking for him in Arkham City as well. The game for the most part does a fantastic job of keeping you moving forward, however there are times when you just get confused and go out the wrong door. It would be nice for a hint to pop up or maybe Alfred chiming in and giving a clue as to which way to go.

So far, other than those two gripes, the game is solid. I do like the new detective gadget you get where you can analyze crime scenes. The new weapons are also a good addition. While it may be until the weekend before I get to play again, I really look forward to it.

So, on the whole my rating for this game is 7.5 out of 10. This rating could change as I go through the game, this is just  general impression.