Final(?) Thoughts on GTA V


While I’m not at the 100% completion level, I’m still working toward it, I have completed one of the main storyline endings. I have to admit I was shocked and pleased to be given a choice in how the game ended.

I chose to let both Michael and Trevor live. I actually don’t regret that decision at this time since it still allows me to play as all three, accumulating property and bling along the way now. I do admit it was tough choice, I almost chose to kill Michael (or at least try, will have to go back and do that option).

I think it would have been better or at least more of a tough decision is if one of the two had betrayed Franklin at some point in some small way. At least there would have been more of a reason to kill one or the other. As it was, just doing it cause the main bad guys wanted it was actually kind of lame. I think this was probably the weakest part of the story. It doesn’t change my 10 rating of this game, but it’s not the solid strong 10 it once was.

The beauty of the three ending possibility, a reason to replay the game at least three times. Which, let there be no doubt will happen. It’ll be interesting to take different paths in the game next time around.

In closing, I still rate this game a 10 out of 10. Rockstar has given us the first GTA game that would really need to be played over again quite a few times (I’m sure some math whiz could have the real number) to touch every possible way the game could be played. All I can say is I’m going to try to play it till I get them all.