GTA V, An Updated Review

A couple of weeks ago I gave my initial thoughts on GTA V. Now that I’m 70% (at least according to the game) into the game I figured I’d give you some more of my thoughts.

One of the things I’ve been focusing more in this game is the side missions. Usually I don’t mess with those as much as the main story. I’ve made a concentrated effort to do more of that in this game and it has proved fruitful and entertaining.

I think my favorite batch of side missions has to do with Trevor helping the elderly couple who stalk celebrities. It’s a fun romp of missions that add a good bit of levity to the whole of the game.

I finally decided to give the flight school a try with Franklin. I was worried about this one considering how bad the flight (learning) experience was in GTA San Andreas oh so many years ago. Whoever designed this version, did a great job. I was able to get through the majority of flight school fairly easily. Whereas San Andreas made it so hard to get through I almost gave up on the game.

The tennis and golf mini games are also well done. I haven’t played either as much as I’d like though. I have been working to see a movie, but everytime I get to a theater it’s closed. I will make sure I do so before I write a final review of GTA V.

I saw over on IGN where apparently there has been some controversy over a torture scene you participate in as Trevor. Now, I’ve been through this scene and like every other portrayal of violence it is over the top. It also makes a point in true GTA style, torture is not good. Hell, if Trevor is finding it difficult to enjoy the violence of it, you know something is seriously wrong.

So anyway, here’s part of 2 of my GTA V review. Likely in another couple weeks you’ll read part 3 and what should be the final part. Then you’ll start seeing the reviews for Batman: Arkham Origins.

One other quick note here, this is post number 100 for us here at Carpe Noctem. Pretty big milestone. So I’ll take a moment to give ourselves a quick pat on the back and now it’s time to get back to work.

So, until next time…


Originally published October 15, 2013