Initial Impressions of GTA V

I would’ve liked to put this up sooner, however between playing the game and then getting knocked on my ass the last three days fighting nicotine addiction I’ve been a little busy.

Now, I’m likely still close to the beginning of the story. If you’re playing I’ve been introduced to Trevor and have run a couple missions with him. During my time of play I’ve wanted to not only keep the story moving, but to also look around. I have been very impressed so far.

Game play is different. I was prepping for GTA V by playing GTA IV, the controls however are so different. GTA V’s control scheme seems to more closely resemble Red Dead Redemption’s controls than previous GTAs. I’ll have to take a look and see. The game itself helps you out quite a bit learning the new controls so that is helpful. I will say that it’s been hard getting used to the changes, I still find myself (even after hours of play) that I try to use the GTA IV method of changing radio stations. For the most part the control scheme alone is the biggest change I’ve found in GTA V. While it has taken some getting used to, it’s quite functional.

The main talk has been about the changing of players. I admit I was skeptical when I heard about this, but now that I’ve done it a few times….it’s quite cool and a touch freaky. In fact the best way to describe the change (at least outside of missions) is like the television show Quantum Leap. In fact, Rockstar…you have the ability, let’s make a Quantum Leap game. Ok, back to the review. Character switches are fun and end up giving you a different perspective on the city depending on which character you’re playing at that time. This ability really turned out well and is well executed.

One of the first things I did after starting the game was to drive around the map. I took the main highway and just drove. The city is impressive, the countryside is impressive, the damn map is a winner. There’s a new addition that adds some randomness to the whole map, once again taken from Red Dead Redemption, there are dynamic missions to be had as you go through various areas. It’s a pretty cool feature giving a bit more life to the map that in other versions has not been there. Overall the world is a very dynamic place and really pulls you into it. Unfortunately the other drivers still aren’t all that great, but that’s an obstacle to overcome I guess.

Having only been playing some 30 odd hours, I’ve really been surprised by this game. It’s a welcome day when expectations are met or exceeded and GTA V has done that. IGN gave Grand Theft Auto V a 10 out of 10. I can’t argue with that at all.

While signing off this topic for now, there will be a follow up likely in a week. So I hope to have more to say about this by then. If not, I’ll let you know.


Originally posted September 25, 2013