Twitter to Go Public

Twitter has announced it is going public. It’ll be interesting to see if things work out better for it than it did Facebook when Facebook did it. One would have to hope that the lessons learned from that will be adhered to, but who knows.

I’ll admit I’m not a big user of social media. I have a Facebook account, a Google+ account and I do have Twitter. I just don’t use them that much, I check them but I don’t share that much. If I do share, I’ve been trying to share evenly between Facebook and Google+. Twitter is an afterthought generally, but I do check every now and then and follow a fair amount of people.

My thing is, will Twitter go as ad-happy as Facebook did when they went public. It was bad enough on Facebook before they went public with the ads, after…it became ridiculous. I see almost as many sponsored posts as I do posts from my friends. If it wasn’t for ad blocker I can only imagine what the sidebar ads would be like.

Another question, how will Twitter start to handle the amount of “fake” users they have. You know the ones, The Batman, Sarcastic Rover, Jesus or Lord Voldemort. Will Twitter have to start dealing with those when it becomes public? Surely when they have to report their subscriber base they’ll have to figure out a way to label those types of account differently so they can report accurately.

How will this affect the user experience now that they will “have” to make money? In my opinion Facebook has gone downhill since going public.

These and other questions will likely crop up for Twitter to answer as they go through this process. I just hope they can balance the need to make money for their investors and keeping the current user base of Twitter happy.

Wow, my 60th post on this blog. That’s pretty cool.


Originally posted September 13, 2013